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Swap Points

You can expect your swap to go smoothly and without incident. However there is always a need to be careful. We suggest you follow the points set out below to minimise the risk of a problem.

  • Always talk to the potential person. Do not transact only via web. Be sure you trust the person you are swapping with. Ask for identification, a copy of their passport, confirmation of their address – for example a copy of the telephone bill from the number you are calling. Ask for details of yacht club memberships.
  • Establish if the other party has any qualifications and when they were taken. Ask about experience particularly anything relevant to the area you sail (eg tides). Note, qualifications are not required in many countries, and lack of qualifications is certainly no indicator of a lack of experience. However having the conversation helps widen your experience of the other party.
  • Ask to see photos of the yacht. If possible whilst sailing and also one clearly showing the name.
  • Draw up a check list (see example on yacht checklist section). Meet the person and take them through the yacht and the list. Be sure you are comfortable with them. If you have a managing agent let them undertake the same checks as they would when renting out your yacht.
  • Prepare a basic manual for your yacht setting out key points.
  • Agree who pays any damages/lost equipment up to the level at which insurance starts. Be sure your insurance covers a swap.
  • Offer to go for a starter sail to show finer points.
  • Meet the person on return and go through all the key items on the boat to record any problems. Re-check your checklist.


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