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Terms and conditions


Yachtingswap.com acts as a medium for advertising the availability of your yacht to be swapped and to find a counter party. We take no responsibility for the information regarding yachts on our site nor the level of equipment. You should make your own checks to ensure the yacht exists, is in the state claimed by the owner and before going on your sailing/motor cruising trip should ensure it is satisfactorily equipped with safety equipment.

You should also satisfy yourself as to the boat handling ability of the person with whom you are swapping.

We have set out on the site in the swap points section some recommendations around swapping your yacht. No guarantee is given that these will be adequate to ensure the swap is carried out without any problems.

By registering on this site you confirm that you are the owner of any yacht registered and have the legal right to swap the yacht without the permission of anyone else.


The cost of registration is 30 euro for one year. Payment is taken at the point of registration. We will e-mail you four weeks before your renewal to ask if you would like to renew.

Privacy policy

Yachtingswap trading as Chaletfood Limited does not sell or trade your personal information to others. We never disclose information about a client to any other person or organisation without their consent and we only take information relevant to your registration and swap. This includes your name, address, telephone number and email address, as well yacht information.


Liability for whatever reason will be limited to the value of payment made on registration. Any disputes will be resolved under English Law.

Yachtinswap's liability for whatever reason is limited to the sum paid to list your boat on the site

Web Site

All registrations must be for the purpose of swapping a boat or vessel that can be used on water. Yachtingswap reserves the right to change or remove any inappropriate listings from the site.

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